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Your Low-Down on NetFlix and Amazon Prime

netflix or amazon prime

If you’re interested in reducing your cable television budget, Netflix and Amazon Prime would be worth your consideration. With thousands of movies and award-winning programming, these two on-demand video streaming services would keep you entertained for countless hours on end. Both also have their own perks. While Netflix boasts low cost per month subscription fees, it doesn’t give up the unique interactive features that make watching a film so much more pleasurable. On the other hand, Amazon Prime offers subscribers access to its extensive catalog of e-books and digital music titles for absolutely no cost at all.

Both services offer subscribers excellent picture quality, wide screen viewing options, and other perks such as members-only releases and free shipping. But Netflix’s edge over its rivals is its high definition (HD) streaming video quality. Available in about 50 different countries around the world, and exclusively for HD televisions, this is Netflix’s biggest advantage over its competitors.

Members-only services offer even more benefits. Subscribers can enjoy a subscription to pay-per-vies on DVD’s and pay-per-view movies and events. These are just a few of the specialized features the two pay-per-view services offer. Other services offer expanded movie genres, TV shows, music videos, news, and many other exclusive programming.

Both services also offer exclusive member discounts, including discounts on subscription to home entertainment options such as Blu-ray discs, HDTVs, and video game consoles. In fact, the first quarter of this year marked the introduction of Amazon’s subscription service, Amazon Prime. Now subscribers can get access to thousands of movies and TV shows, pay per view movies, and thousands of international TV shows, music videos, and sports games. Members-only internet and mobile applications make watching a TV show on the go even easier. And both are compatible with popular smart phones and portable media players.

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While both companies are giving their subscribers great features, the big differentiating factor between the two is the pricing structure of their pay per view services. Netflix specializes in original content that customers can only get from their subscription. They started in streaming only movies and TV shows. As time has gone by, they have added on a wide variety of original video content through partnerships with international networks like Star network in the UK and Sky in the US.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime is offering customers the best variety of TV shows and movies. And the best thing is that you get it all for only $50 a month. Amazon Prime is comparable to Netflix in terms of price, but they do not have any live sporting events, live TV shows, or music videos. But they have hundreds of movies and TV shows that you can watch whenever you want. The choice is better on Amazon Prime as you get access to all their newest and best streaming content first.

If you are looking for the best picture quality on your televisions, you will need to choose between NetFlix and Amazon Prime. Both offer the same picture quality, but there are a few differences between the two. For example, NetFlix uses compression technology that reduces the resolution of the pictures to make them look as good as possible. On the other hand, the color range on Amazon Prime TVs is only limited to the color spaces available on the screen and does not include HDTV.

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When deciding on which service to subscribe to, it is important to know what the difference between Netflix and Prime is. Knowing the difference will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the television service that is best for you. Both services offer great picture quality, that is also very fast. You just need to know how to stream from Netflix instead of Amazon Prime whenever you have time. Here is your low-down on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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