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What Is Wireless Fidelity?

what wi fi

“What is Wi Fi?” is one of the first questions that come to mind when a person hears the term. A lot of people do not really know what it is, what it stands for or what its uses are. This article will be explaining what this wireless internet thing is and what benefits it can provide you.

In the past, the wireless internet connection is something that many people did not even know existed. It is only now that people are starting to realize just how useful it can be for our mobile phones. We no longer have to use DSL or cable modem because the internet in our mobiles has taken over completely. With the invention of Wi Fi, we are now able to connect to the internet wirelessly.

Many people are now wondering what makes it work so well. The reason why Wi Fi is so effective is due to its radio signals being picked up by the antenna mounted on a mobile device and then transmitted to the computer of the person on the other line. This technology was once dubbed as Wi-Fi enabled or WiMax. The latter refers to the high speeds that will be experienced while using the service.

There are a few things that you need to consider before Wi Fi can be used in your vehicle. For one, your car needs to have a license to use it. You can ask for an extension if it is needed. You also need a pass code which is either locked or hidden from view. If you do not own a mobile phone, you need a SIM card.

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You can also use your laptop or tablet to access the internet. Most Wi Fi devices are USB enabled so they can be used wirelessly with a USB device. But if you need this feature with your laptop, you need a USB Ethernet adapter.

Another thing that you need to think about is signal coverage. You need a router or booster to extend your coverage area. You will find various types of Wi Fi boosters in the market. They can work on your cell phone or notebook. Or you can opt for a Wi Fi Access point or Wi Fi Booster.

Wi Fi can help you connect to the internet anywhere you like. You can use it at home, office, and anywhere you go. All you need is a mobile device. Plus, it does not need any additional wires to be installed. It can be set up anywhere.

So what is Wi Fi? It is a modern way of sharing files and staying connected with the rest of the world. You can check your email in the morning while jogging. You can send an e-card in the evening after having dinner. And if you have a smart phone, it acts just like a portable computer.

Wi Fi works through a USB connection. This is different from ethernet because it does not need any cables. You will only need to install the software and it is ready to use. Just like your wireless router.

The great thing about Wi Fi is the mobility. You can bring it wherever you go. And there are many models of Wi Fi access points available. Choose the one that suits your needs. A point can be installed in many places including public areas, airports, parks and even buildings.

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When setting up a wireless hotspot, one thing you need to know is the location of the access point. When choosing a Wi Fi access point, look at the landscape to see where it is. There are trees and tall grass areas. You should also consider any electrical wires or power lines that could potentially get damaged.

You can also use your mobile phone as a Wi Fi hotspot. Just make sure you configure everything in the mobile phone. When it is connected to the Internet, you can access the Internet wirelessly through your mobile phone. This will save you money and the mobile phone is so much more practical for this.

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