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The Most Hated and Annoying YouTube Videos of This Year

most disliked youtube video

The most disliked YouTube video is a strange beast indeed, but I have tracked it down. It was entitled “The Most Hated YouTube Video of All Time”, and as you can probably guess from that title, got pretty much exactly what it was complaining about. The video was viewed by around 195 million individuals worldwide and has more than 17 million dislikes to its name. That makes it the most disliked video on YouTube by a long shot.

You may be thinking to yourself “so where is this anyways? “, or you may be thinking “it’s a music video anyway so it’s not hard to find”. To be honest, there is no easy way to track this down, since it was uploaded in January of this year. But I’ve done some research into the matter and here are my findings.

In January of this year, PewDiePie uploaded a video titled “Closed Offer”, in which he invited his followers to offer him money for his next video. In the clip, he used a whiteboard to jot down all of the responses, before leaving them on a later date. Some of the responses were funny, like when one person suggested that PewDiePie step on a landmine, but other responses were less so. For example, one person wrote “Pewdiepie just stepped on a bomb”, while another stated “Pewdiepie loves kids, but he’ll blow his brains out if he wasn’t born with teeth”.

In September of last year, he made another video for his YouTube channel titled “Rankings: The Hottest Movies Of 2021”, which has a very similar feel to the first one we talked about. He then posted the video for the year, along with some information on how he makes his music video. At the end of the video, he invites his followers to leave their views in the comments section, stating that he will reward the top three most disliked video makers of each year with one free Apple iPhone. One hour later, the top three videos in the chart had been awarded the coveted top spot for the year, with the most disliked video coming in at number two.

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Two weeks later, in an attempt to get more people to interact with his channel, he created the My Video Sunday feature, where he gives away free Apple laptops on Sunday nights. Since he has already used the “Closed Offer” technique to generate a lot of attention for the paid videos and has now used “My Video Sunday” to give away free laptops, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this technique also works to keep people from disliking his videos in the future. It also provides him with a way to test the waters prior to making bigger YouTube offers.

There are two ways to deal with YouTube comments on your videos. The first way is to acknowledge the comment, and respond to it with either a positive or a negative message. You can also choose to ignore the comment altogether, letting the person know you’re not going to link to their video. The second way is to acknowledge the comment, then mention the link in your comment. This approach has proven to be even more effective in the past few years, as many famous YouTube stars have openly talked about the process of turning comments into controversy. By doing this, they help to build interest in their videos and help grow their fan base, although this strategy may backfire if their audience begins to hate the video because they don’t like the comments.

The most disliked videos of the year, in terms of views, came from two different camps. The first was the clip of President Trump discussing the violence in our country at a rally; the second was the Ostrich Hunting clip. The first one received over two million views, while the second one barely registered one million. Overall, the most popular YouTube videos of the year were made by political pundits, and Hollywood celebrities like boxers with cosmetic surgery. The most disliked video of the year, in terms of overall views, was a fitness instructional video from Jillian Michaels, which failed to garner any attention.

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Now that you know why it’s important to monitor the most liked and disliked videos, it’s time to take a look at the format of reporting on the most disliked YouTube videos. All news stories used to include some sort of summary or “taste of the article,” but the most disliked YouTube videos do not use this method, and for good reason. News stories are written to inform and to entertain, whereas YouTube stars are making money off of prank pranks or off-topic comments. Unless your main purpose for watching YouTube is to get laugh outs from other people, you’re going to avoid controversial videos and news stories. Instead, focus your attention on the most popular and the most newsworthy videos, since these will keep you entertained. After all, news is good!

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