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The Brave Browser

Browser best is a debate that has been raging since ages. There are many people who love to use some particular browsers apart from the others, but there are some who really hate them for their slow performance and security issues. There are people who keep a close tab on the various web trackers available such as Google, MSN and Bing to stay updated. In this era of speedy technologies, almost all the web users want to have an amazing experience when browsing through internet. To remain in competition among browsers, all webmasters try to develop unique features for their web browsers to make browsing experience swift and enjoyable.

browser best

Mozilla Firefox is one of the well known browsers that is being used widely across the globe by both young and the aged crowd. Mozilla Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization. They have kept the browser free of virus, spyware and all other harmful elements that may harm your computer.

An extremely impressive feature of Mozilla Firefox is its epic privacy browser feature that keeps trackers at bay. You can browse the internet freely without revealing any personal information to any of the hundreds of trackers present on the web. There are some amazing features packed in this amazing web browser. Some of the most noteworthy features include:

* Epic SSL – This feature helps you to surf the web privately without revealing your private SSL keys on the World Wide Web. This feature is built-in in Mozilla Firefox browser. * Epic WebDAV – This feature helps you to transfer files securely over the internet. * Shared Origin – This means that this web browser helps you browse websites that are built using the same coding language as your system.

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Opera is another remarkable web browser that offers some interesting features. Like all other browsers, Opera also offers some interesting features like offline viewing and bookmarks. Opera has a unique feature known as floating window. If you like watching movies, opera will give you the option to watch movies online via a web browser. One of the best features of this browser is its built-in ad stealing protection. You can use Opera’s private browsing mode to surf the net without leaving any location traces behind.

Mozilla Firefox is an extremely popular web browser that offers some great features and performance enhancements. Like opera, it also features an amazing private browsing mode that helps to protect your privacy and keep attackers at bay. Firefox is also compatible with a number of other browsers like: IE, Safari, Chrome, and many others.

Both these browsers have built-in ad blocking capabilities. To stop pop-ups, both opera and Firefox block ads by detecting them before they appear. The built-in ad blocking feature of these two web browsers makes sure that your browsing history is free from advertisements and cookie tracking cookies. This is an important feature especially for those who are constantly online.

Not many people are aware that there are still some unscrupulous elements out there that want to take advantage of Internet users. They have been known to misuse security vulnerabilities in the computer system such as bugs and viruses. These malicious elements have been considered capable of crashing computers as well as deleting files or installing malicious programs on a computer system. For this reason, computer users all over the world should install an epic privacy browser. The epic privacy browser is one of the most secure browsers available in the market. Even though there are some other browsers that are more popular, none of them can match the security of the epic privacy browser.

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