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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery – for Android and iOS

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

In Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, the player takes on the role of detective. This is no ordinary detective work. In fact, it is much more than that. The player takes on the role of a professional detective who investigates cases using modern technology and classic deduction methods.

Players are required to use energy points to solve clues as they investigate each stage of the game. To start the game, you will need to visit four different places in search of clues. You have to investigate three of them in order to start the hidden mystery adventure.

One of the best things about Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for PC is that it is different from your typical hidden object games. It has no inventory items in its inventory, nor does it have anything except for the power crystals to help you progress through the stages. Unlike other games, you will be given a hint button which will point you to the next area that you should investigate. However, you will not know what the next area is until you click on the hint button again.

The story line is simple yet engrossing. You start off as a young girl who is researching a series of missing young girls in an unknown town. However, instead of finding their bodies, you discover that they have been taken to another world called the Astral Realm. There you have to help the other girls find their way back home before darkness overtakes the world. The adventure in the Astral Realm is pretty graphic. The controls for this game are very smooth and are easy to learn.

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The main objective of Seekers Notes: HIDDEN DEATH can easily be explained by stating that the objective of the game is to explore areas that are filled with mystery. There are seven levels in all and you can expect to uncover many items as you go along. The seven levels are all designed to offer a challenge to those that are up for a good mystery-solving experience. This hidden object game has five hidden objects requiring you to use your wits in order to solve the mystery. For example, one level has a room containing a body that has a note attached to it that reads “beware of the dark” so you have to analyze the situation to make sense of what is going on.

The apple appstore Canada version of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery can easily be downloaded for free. The interface for the game is very clean and does not present any pop ups or big bugs that might trip up your computer. The sound effects are very smooth and do not cause interruptions when the sounds come on. The picture itself is very nice and is done in a rather cute way. I especially liked how the little girl looks in the free version. The picture itself is colorful and detailed enough to really appeal to me as a child.

If you like hidden object games then you will love the free update to Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery. In the free update, there are four additional chapters and three new sections to the game. I especially like the new scenes and that the game now comes with three completely original puzzles. The graphics and audio add just enough to make this game worth having.

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The price of the game is quite reasonable given that it offers a challenging game for those who enjoy it. You do not have to pay any money in order to unlock all of the content for this game. The five additional chapters that are available through the free update require you to use up certain energy points. The energy points are gained by solving puzzles so you are required to have a lot of strategy if you want to get through the chapters quickly. I’m happy that developers took the time to create a game that is challenging but also has enough content to keep people playing for several hours.

Dowload and play into the Game on devices on Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery - download from Google Play Market for free
Seekers Notes Hidden Mystery - download from App store for free