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Recording Phone Conversations With iPhone Call Recording App

iphone call recording

iPhone call recording has been introduced to address concerns that were raised by users regarding the way that the cell phones affect the privacy of their conversations. The new feature makes it possible to record audio and video calls even when the user is not looking at his/her smartphone. There are several steps to take to start recording a call. Let us focus on the first one, which is how to record a call.

Tap on the Home button and touch the speaker icon. If you have Bluetooth headsets attached, you will have to choose the iPhone call recorder from the available list. Notify the caller that you will be recording the call. Place the mobile phone near the microphone to ensure that when you talk, it catches your voice clearly as well.

Several iPhone apps are available to help you in this task. There is one called lite which you can download for free. Once downloaded, you need to connect the device to your computer. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you are all set to go!

Now that you are set-up with your computer and your smartphone, you can begin recording a conversation. Tap on the Record button. You will then see two tabs on your phone which display conversations happening in the foreground and the background. Each conversation will have its own tab, which displays the names of both the people participating in the call. Click the Record button again to start recording.

You might feel a little hesitant at first while using these apps for recording calls. However, the thought behind them is really very ingenious. With these two devices, you can record up to three calls simultaneously without the need for connecting the devices to an external power supply. You can also use these call recorder lite apps to conduct group conversations and video chats with your friends.

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Aside from being used for recording phone calls, an iPhone app for in-app purchases is also available. The Recording Center application allows you to take screen shots of items being purchased out of a certain menu. The screenshots are automatically captured using the built-in camera. After clicking the camera icon, they are immediately sent to your phone which displays the screen shots on your phone. The same process happens for in-app purchases. To make sure that the screenshots do not appear all over the screen, you can enable the “scrolling only” feature of the recording Center.

For further convenience, other iPhone apps offer the option of recording voice notes. By long-pressing the microphone icon, you can record a voice note. These recorded voice notes can be played back using any of the commonly used media players like iPods and iPhones. A similar feature is provided by the Text Trace. This iPhone app allows you to trace the length of the incoming texts so you will be able to determine who the owner of the number is even before reading through the text message.

An additional function found in several iPhone apps is the call recorder lite. This application does not actually record the incoming call but rather acts as an assistant when connecting with callers. It asks the user to sign in using their user name and password. Upon logging in, the call recorder lite watches the call duration. After a pre-defined duration has been reached, the software starts recording.

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As previously mentioned, there are two types of recording modes available in the aforementioned iPhone applications: dial up and traditional conference call. In the dial up mode, the incoming call will be routed to the appropriate line. Likewise, if an incoming call cannot be answered via that line, the call will be forwarded to the voicemail box. This function is handy for making sure that no caller is inadvertently left out.

The call recording app works similarly to the popular video conference app Skype. However, the main difference is that the audio portion is disabled while the video is being viewed. To view the audio portion, the user needs to press the microphone icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Users need to sign in using their respective user names and passwords to activate the caller lite feature.

The most highly sought-after feature by users is the ability to edit recordings. Many iPhone users would want to make alterations to the quality of the sound or to add special effects. For this purpose, the recording must first be converted to an AIFF format. The converted files can then be edited with popular audio editing software such as GarageBand. Advanced programs such as ProTools provide the necessary tools to edit AIFF files.

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