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Physics Based Puzzle Game – Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a game based on the hit TV cartoon, Geometry Land. It was developed by Swedish online developer Robert Topala, better known as Robtop, and is an improvement upon his previous games including the hit physics-based puzzle game Geometry War. The game has been inspired by many of Topala’s designs from other animations. The game is now available for iPhone and iPad, with the game itself being supported by Game Center. Here is a look at the Geometry Dash Lite review, and my thoughts on the game and its progression through the different platforms it has moved through.

If you are an expert at playing 3D games such as myself, then you will know how addictive and enjoyable Geometry Dash can be. I especially love the cute little pixel art characters and their great agility. You move through different stages, earning coins and doing tricks to level up your character. It seems that the more difficult the stage gets, the more difficult the coins you need to collect to progress to the next stage.

This is not the full extent of the game though! Like its predecessor, Geometry Dash Lite has a number of different levels to play, each with a variety of obstacles to jump over and objects to block, such as springs and ladders. The objective is still the same, clear all levels to win the game. The difficulty spikes really start to kick in about half way through the game. Some of the obstacles in the platformer are similar to those in the original game and some are completely new to the platformer genre.

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As an added bonus for fans of the original, Geometry Dash Lite comes with a number of new challenges. These mainly focus on rhythm-based game play. There are also some other hidden features not seen in the original game, which is great. It helps bring the mobile gaming experience up to a higher level than its competitors. Plus, this free iPhone app looks stunning.

The main difference between the original Geometry Dash and the free Geometry Dash Lite is the level of detail. Although the art style is still pretty nice, the world looks like it has been photoshopped a bit. The character models themselves look less cartoonish and more real, which I found to be quite nice. The game also sounds better, although I didn’t get a chance to try this out for myself.

To check out the game in its purest form, I downloaded the Android version. This turned out to be a good decision as it turned out to be a very well-made app. It runs smoothly and has a great design. In terms of game play, the graphics are quite well done. It certainly looks the part and the level of detail on display is top notch.

The only minor thing I would like to point out is the fact that the game requires you to purchase some $0.99 “Citation Needed” credits in order to unlock the “Pro” mode. The reasoning behind this is so that players can practice their level of skill without having to spend real money. This feature is a brilliant idea and could potentially be used by anyone who wants to practice their game play. Plus, it’s nice to have this option at the ready so that the user-created levels aren’t completely impossible to beat. But if you want to spend your hard-earned cash, you will be able to.

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Overall, the game is really fun to play. If you are an addict, the free version will probably not cut it for you but there is a very good paid version available. Plus, the free version only offers a few challenges which means you won’t get to try to master everything. If you really want to be a pro at this cool physics-based puzzle game than purchasing the paid geometrical dash lite is recommended.

Geometry Dash Lite - download from Google Play Market for free
Geometry Dash Lite - download from App store for free