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My Talking Tom Game Review

My Talking Tom for iOS and Android devices gives your device a voice, making it a much more than an ordinary virtual pet. If you are not familiar with the My Talking Tom character or the game in general, here is a quick overview. This free My Talking Tom for iPhone and Android app allows you to say “Talk” when you put your phone’s screen near its microphone. Tom’s head bobbles as he responds to your commands and chats with other players in the game.

My Talking Tom for iOS and Android

In addition to the actual voice, this application also uses sounds and voice recognition software to make your communication more natural-sounding. In the above example, Tom’s voice sounds like that of a real human being, instead of a computer voice. The same is true for the other sound effects. The text-to-speech engine in My Talking Tom speaks throughout the app without any punctuation or repetition. As you speak to Tom, the text will appear again in a stream of audio, similar to a television show or radio broadcast.

The cool aspect of My Talking Tom is its integration with Facebook and Zynga. Zynga allows your device to log into the social networking site and use the social networking buttons on your phone to chat with fellow Zynga players while playing the game. To do this, you must connect your device to your Facebook account through the iTunes Store. After that, you can go to the main screen of your phone and select the Facebook option from the overflow menu.

My Talking Tom, along with several other mobiles apps, utilize voice recognition software to allow users to talk to their phones in a natural way. Voice recognition software takes recorded voice samples and combines them with text. In the case of My Talking Tom, the voice recognition software identifies the various items in the game. When you choose a particular item, it will say that word out loud. Tom, as an example, says “Food!”

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Users are able to adjust the voice qualities of their characters so they are able to talk in their own unique voice. That is because many of the voices in the game are the same as those that you hear on TV and radio commercials. Therefore, players get a sense of familiarity with the game and are able to connect with it on a deeper level.

Another benefit of using My Talking Tom is that it makes connecting with your friends easier than ever. Users can add up to 10 friends at one time using the Facebook Connect feature. Once you have ten friends, Tom calls each one. This provides players with a means of keeping in touch with their closest friends and family members. You don’t have to go to each individual’s phone and set up a call.

The voice recognition software recognizes your voice when it lands the recognition phone call. That means when you answer the phone or log into My Talking Tom, you hear your own voice through the phone. It’s almost as if you were calling someone back from a long distance.

My Talking Tom is similar to other social networking games such as Zynga, Facebook and MySpace. However, My Talking Tom gives you the option of making phone calls using the computer as if it was your cell phone. This makes playing the game a little bit more realistic, especially for those who have trouble hearing or speaking over the phone.

Since the computer is used to make phone calls, players can use the computer and speak to people through it just like they would with a regular phone. They can answer or decline calls. The computer also provides a visual aid by showing a preview of the phone call that is coming up. Players can set up various phone calls and switch from one to another by clicking on an icon on the screen.

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In addition to my talking tom games, my Talking Tom also comes with three additional phone games. With these additional phone games, users are given the option to make phone calls and join groups. To do this, players must connect their account to their social network account and choose a group to join. Then, they can select a phone game to join.

In addition to my talking tom games, my Talking Tom also comes with a special version of the My Phone Game. The My Phone Game comes as a free download, and players can use it as many times as they wish. This version of the game features a phone that has a variety of different icons on it. Each of the icons represents a different function. For example, there are kitchen icons that will allow the player to make phone calls, a school icon that allows the player to join a school, a car icon that allow the player to drive a car, and an airport icon that allow the player to make phone calls to people in the area that they are located in.

My Talking Tom for Android - download from Google Play Market for free
My Talking Tom for iOS - download from App store for free