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Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome – Which Web Browser Won’t You Use?

microsoft edge vs google chrome

The battle between Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge has been on for quite some time now. In fact, Google launched Chrome first to the major browsers of the world including Apple iMac, Windows PC, and the iPhone and Blackberry mobile devices. Microsoft had initially struggled with various features integrated in the browser like tabs, Google search engine, instant search, etc. Unlike Chrome, Edge was not able to include many outside extensions from the Microsoft Store.

When saying in fact why so much Edge vs Google Chrome it’s because of the additional apps that are available in it such as Drive, Docs, Translate and so many others. As compared to other web browsers, Chrome has a great range of apps. However, the biggest difference between the two web browsers is the additional plugins and extensions that are not available in Microsoft Edge. This is one of the main reasons why some people prefer to use Chrome. On the other hand, there are still many who prefer to use Microsoft’s internet explorer.

Apart, from the above reason, the other big difference between the two browsers is the memory consumption. Microsoft Edge uses about 500 MB of RAM, while Google Chrome uses about 700 MB. Another difference worth noting between these two popular browsers is that while Microsoft has come up with multiple customization, Google has not come up with any extra customizations. In case you are wondering how this is possible, you will realize that it’s because Google Chrome utilizes the source code of Firefox and Chrome instead of its own Custom JavaScript Engine. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, has built-in JavaScript engines of its own.

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Another important feature comparing these two popular browsers is the user experience. A good user experience means that the navigation should be smooth and fast. In case you compare Google Chrome with Microsoft Edge, you will find that the former tends to load the pages faster, which is mainly because it loads all the resources simultaneously. However, the layout of Microsoft Edge is also better as it follows the Windows layout & format, whereas in Google Chrome, you need to manually open the browser to access various tools, besides the user interface is plain and boring.

One more feature that sets Google Chrome apart from the other popular browsers is its bundled plug-ins. The Google team have bundled in a lot of useful features into their version of Google Chrome, which makes it more attractive compared to the other versions. The most notable example of such plug-ins includes the Google Toolbar extension, which allows the users to browse the net with the toolbar option. If you are using Internet Explorer, you might not be familiar with this extension.

When comparing the two browsers, one important point has to be noted out. This is about the speed and the memory consumption. Both the browsers use different technologies for rendering the websites. For instance, in case of Microsoft Edge, it uses the Silverlight technology, while in Google Chrome it uses the Gecko rendering engine.

Even though both the browsers claim to provide a fast browsing experience, yet there are differences between the two. One way to measure this difference is to check how much memory the browsers use and the speed with which it opens the pages. In case of Microsoft Edge, it claims to be able to save around 50% of the memory compared to Google Chrome. However, the real benchmark here would be to see how quickly the web pages load in Microsoft Edge. This is the reason why Google Chrome is generally preferred by most of the users.

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Finally, it can be stated that both the web browsers perform okay when it comes to the storage of data. Though Google Chrome may slightly edge out Microsoft Edge, it does share the screen space in most of its Windows OS. So it may be concluded that the best way to judge these two web browsers is the performance level that they offer to their users. Now that you know the pros and cons of both the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, you can make your choice based on your own preferences.

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