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Masha and the Bear – A Fun and Educational Game for Kids

If you are fond of learning by playing games, then you will love the new online game adaptation of the popular kids show Masha and the Bear. This game is not only a lot of fun but also helps young children to learn a lot about the basics of math, reading and spelling. Here is how you can find and download the best free online games for kids based on the show.

Masha and the Bear Educational games online

What makes this game an easy choice as educational games online? First of all, the interface is very simple. It allows you to easily find the answer to any question by simply typing in the information that you want to know. Also, there are several flash animations that make playing the game more entertaining. These animated shorts can be played multiple times and they are very much exciting.

This game is designed in such a way that it helps children learn the basics of science, nature and history. The main character of the game is an eight-year-old girl named Masha, who works at a candy shop. She meets a boy named Bear and the two become friends. After having adventures with him, Masha gets the power of wishing which allows her to transform herself into a powerful bear.

The premise of the game is that there are several other bears who are locked away in a cage. They have been told that they shall suffer forever if they are not released. In order to release them, they require help from someone who has the strength to catch them. Masha and the other bears can do this by asking the help of their friends who are represented by the different coloured bubbles. There are different levels that the game is divided into, and they also have several unlockables.

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One of the unlockables allows the players to change the colour of their bears according to their choice. There are also different power ups that the kids can buy so that they can gain an extra boost when playing the game. Some of these include changing the appearance of the character so that they can appear in different ways. The game is made colourful and lively with lots of different animations and sounds that kids will love.

The game has several levels that are based on different environments that the game is set in. The different environments include a jungle, snow land and also a cave. The different environments will help the kids to master the art of catching the bears as they should use some strategy while they are trying to catch them. The different animals that appear in the game will also help the player to enjoy the game.

Sasha and the Bear are one of those games that are highly educational. It teaches children how to think properly so that they will not get into trouble while they are playing the game. It teaches the importance of sharing and caring for others and helps the children to develop these skills. This game also helps the children to understand the basic colours and shapes that are found all around us. The game will teach the children about science and maths, and they will learn how to combine them using a simple technique known as the coloring pictures technique.

The game can be played by almost everyone as it does not require very high level of computer playing skills. However, if the child does have such skills then they can choose to take the different puzzles apart. This will help them in understanding how the different colours work together. The game is very colorful and will help the children to develop their imagination and creativity levels as well. It will also make them understand why they have to sing and dance while they are enjoying their fun time playing this game on the Internet.

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