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Main Differences Between AMD Athlon II Vs Intel Pentium – What’s Important?

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Over the past several months we have been discussing and analyzing the new AMD vs Intel CPU. It is evident that Intel has built a stronger system on its core to compete with AMD. However, with AMD’s new CPU being out in the open for everyone to see, how does AMD stack up against Intel? The new AMD Athlon processors offer quite a bit of benefits over Intel’s new Atom based systems.

First, let us look at the differences between the new CPU’s from AMD and Intel. The biggest difference between these two systems is that Intel’s new CPU has built on what they call a multi-core design. In contrast, the Athlon x4 is built on a single-core design. The main reason behind this is due to the fact that Intel is a company that focuses their engineering efforts more on producing high performance and at the same time lower power consumption. Whereas, AMD has traditionally focused their efforts on creating a very high performance per wattage processor.

When comparing these two systems, one thing that stands out is the speed of the processor. On the Intel side of things, they offer a faster unlocked version of the CPU than the AMD system. This is because Intel is a company that is very competitive in this market segment. However, they are also providing a clock speed of only about three to four percent faster than the new CPU from AMD. So in essence, the two platforms are almost equal when it comes to processor speed.

In addition, on a few of the benchmarks, both the new CPUs offer similar scores. On the Intel side, one of the most noticeable results is that they were able to score three to four percent more for integrated graphics on the AMD Athlon. In addition, the Athlon x4 was able to perform better in the random test. Both of these scores are within the margin of error of the average.

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On the other hand, in comparison, the new CPU from AMD scores much better when it comes to the integrated graphics. They were able to score nine39 on the Graphics Content Index test, which is better then the Intel model by almost thirty-five points. However, they still lost the race to six percent, which is a pretty big gap to close. So it appears that the new CPU from AMD is on the faster end of the spectrum when it comes to speeds versus the older model of Intel. However, they also lost ground on the memory bandwidth and storage space tests.

When comparing these two laptops, it is evident that the new laptop with the AMD Athlon is the faster of the two. However, the real story here is about the technology inside the product as compared to what is found on the previous generation of laptops. The processor inside the notebook is quad core based, which means that they are a bit slower than the other models with the same processor. It is interesting to note that the older version of the laptop with the Pentium Anniversary had four cores, which was much faster than any of the quad-core models launched today. This means that in this case, the newer version might be faster, but it is hard to say.

Looking at the performance of the notebook with the AMD Athlon II Piledriver, one can clearly see that the new model wins the day when it comes to speed versus the older version. However, the notebook with the Intel Pentium MMX series does have a slight edge when it comes to the graphics and memory bandwidth. With this, one can say that the notebook with the AMD Athlon II Piledriver is able to compete with the current generation laptops, which are all based on the Intel processor. The only thing that the new laptop has going for it is the cooler, which has gained popularity over the last few months with many laptop reviews.

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When it comes to processing power, then the AMD Athlon II is clearly the better of the two. It has three cores, whereas the Intel Pentium is using two threads. However, with the latest Intel GPA updated, this issue has been resolved. However, the integrated graphics of the AMD Athlon II is way behind the Intel Pentium. Therefore, the best option to choose between the two would be to go for AMD Athlon II for the better processor and the better integrated graphics.

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