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Fleet Battle – Sea Battle Online

Fleet Battle – Sea Battle is the classic sea combat action game for mobile devices. Now it’s available on the Apple Store and Google Android Marketplaces. In this game you have to manage your fleet of ships and destroy all the enemies. Here are some tips to get you started in the addictive fleet battle for Android and iPhone devices.

Fleet Battle - Sea Battle - download Android and iOS for free

Getting the Most out of Fleet Battle – Sea Battle is an addictive fleet battle game for mobile devices. If you’re looking for an amazing battleship-type game, check no further: you’ve found it! Play with friends: Online WiFi Bluetooth. Compete with friends or competitors who sign up using their Google Android device. Invite your friends to join fleet battles so they can enjoy the fun of fighting like real navy captains do. Invite your friends to try out the latest free downloadable version of the game.

Fleet Battle – Sea Battle features many engaging and exciting Fleet battles. This game lets players fight against rival captains and sink those ships that cross your path. In order to succeed in a fleet battle, you need to equip your ships with the best weapons and equipment available. The iPhone and iPod Touch versions of the game are equipped with a range of powerful weapons, while the Android version comes only with a standard array of weapons. You can select the weapons and crew that you wish to use in fleet battles.

Choose the Fleet that Suits Your Needs Best: Players can choose from various fleet battle game types such as Skirmish, Land Battle and escort fleet. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you need to send your fleet into a large city to destroy enemy carriers, you can opt for a fleet battle skirmish where you fight to sink the carrier. If you want to avoid casualties, you can choose to play a land battle where you do not have to send your ships into heavy combat with enemy vessels.

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Upgrade Your Ships: One of the most important aspects of a fleet battle is choosing the right kind of weapon. Different players will upgrade their ships in a fleet battle – sea battles depending on the choices made by the player. Some players may choose to increase their speed, some others may choose to improve their fire power while others may improve their range of attacks on their ships. So, players must carefully choose the weapons and crew for the fleet battle – sea battles to be able to successfully win battles.

Different Games Features: When players play fleet battles on mobile devices, they may not encounter other fleet units unlike when they are playing the online version. However, players may meet other fleet units through the fleet missions given to them after they have selected a specific faction from the other fleet units that are available. In fleet battles against the enemy, players may also encounter other fleet units like enemy aircraft, warships, destroyers, cruisers as well as enemy vessels from other sides of the map. When this happens, the player should be careful not to get hit by an enemy aircraft since this could be a serious threat to their fleet. Therefore, it is always better for players to ensure that they do not accidentally get into a fleet battle.

Different Levels: There are different types of games available in the fleet ABC. The initial level is quite easy and players can easily defeat the opponents. As they move up in the game, they may encounter more difficult missions that require players to use greater tactics and strategies. Thus, they may have to work harder to complete these missions in order to advance to the next level. As they progress further, they may also encounter increasingly difficult challenges such as boarding an enemy vessel or destroying enemy carriers.

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Fleet ABC is a challenging game that will test the players’ strategic thinking and abilities. The players need to develop strategies based on the situations and the missions in order to defeat their fleet units. The games are very exciting and offer great value for money. Therefore, most gamers would find playing fleet games online a great option as they can play their favorite games all the time.

Fleet Battle - Sea Battle - download from Google Play Market for free
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