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Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG On PC Game Review

Dungeon Dogs Idle RPG

Dungeon Dogs: Idle RPG is a new release from the makers of the hit RPG series The Legend of Zelda. As its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, has just been remade for PC. The new release promises to be even more addictive than its predecessors. In fact, it promises to be so much so that many people will be seeking ways to make their old copy of the original version run for ages on their computers without requiring any extra hardware. If you’re looking for an easy to use and highly addictive download option for your computer, you can’t really go wrong with Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG on PC.

For anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda on Nintendo Wii or other consoles, you’ll know exactly what to expect with Dungeon Dogs: Idle RPG on PC. The controls are simple and responsive, allowing you to move your character freely around the screen using the mouse and keyboard. You can also tap items to get additional effects. If you find the games too slow to play or too action packed, you can dial down the complexity until you’re sure you can handle the challenges ahead.

Dungeon Dogs: Idle RPG uses the Open Source code of the very popular open source project called Memuplay to allow for both text and audio communication between players. This means that you can easily tell if another player is talking about something in the current conversation. When a player leaves the conversation, their icon will change to say “I’m leaving now!” and will disappear when the chat session ends.

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One of the highlights of Dungeon Dogs: Idle RPG is the addition of the evil cat king, who is basically the leader of the underground guild of evil cats who are at war with the good humans. This guild, led by the evil king, has taken over half of the world’s capital city as its own territory. You play as any one of many different characters, each with their own individual abilities and goals for going through the game. Some are bounty hunters looking for evil cat men to eliminate, while others are merchants trying to make money in the capital city.

While you can choose to play as any of the many heroes in the game (there are nine total), the real fun comes in customizing your character so that you can live out your fantasy for a while. I had a particular goal in mind when I downloaded Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG, and that was to create my own medieval village complete with shopkeepers, merchant garages, noblemen and angry owls as residents. You can download the game with one of these characters as the playable character, or you can create your own starting point and build your character to suit your needs.

The game is very easy to pick up since most of the controls are user friendly. The action is quite bright though, so it might be best for you to use the console or your monitor in low-light situations. The controls for all of the animals, creatures and buildings are standard and include everything you would expect from an idle rpg. Some of the unique features included in this free download are the ability to use all of your animals in your missions, unlock new animals as they are captured, and the ability to watch them grow from babies to fully-grown adults.

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If you’ve never played any of the old classic PC games, such as Dungeon Fighter, you’ll find Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG on PC is very easy to get used to. Although this is not the same as playing the older arcade style dungeon fighters, it does follow a similar theme of killing dragons and other mythical creatures. Although the combat may look simplistic, it does have enough variety to keep anyone interested. Plus, the different skills each dog has will make each battle even more exciting. There are also many different maps to choose from, each one different from the rest and featuring new monsters and items for you to fight them with.

This is a great download for those interested in idle PC gaming. It’s also a great download for those interested in Android gaming. Dungeon Dogs – Idle RPG on PC can be purchased for either a one-time fee or, for a much lesser amount, the “seasonal” fee that upgrades your game every year. It’s worth spending the money once you get the game going, because the content is top notch and the graphics are superb. What more could you ask for? Try the demo today and decide for yourself.

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