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Dan the Man is a Fantastic Online Game

Dan the Man is an online video series created by independent studio StudioJoho, which follows an eight-bit character named Dan the Man. There are 7 episodes, or ‘episodes’, available. The first episode, featuring ‘Day One’, is actually the prologue to the main story, which takes place in Dan’s apartment. The game generally picks up where Day Seven left off, in Dan’s apartment.

Dan the Man

Dan the Man and themented a bit of a twist on the traditional point-and-click gameplay of many first-person role-playing games. Instead of navigating a level using the usual cursor and keyboard movement keys, the player is required to perform a variety of actions using an innovative and unorthodox control scheme. Using the left and right arrows and clicking, Dan moves his mouse cursor around various viewpoints in the apartment, and during gameplay, he can manipulate objects using the left and right sticks. By making use of these two different playing buttons, the player is able to direct most physical actions of the gameplay, such as running, jumping, climbing, fighting, or resting, among other actions.

In addition, Dan the Man utilizes a rather unique ‘strategy guide’ system in the ‘story mode’. Although it doesn’t make much sense at first – it’s hard to point and click where you want something to happen, and it’s hard to see what’s going on through the environment without a detailed viewport – it does help a lot in delivering some of the fiction of the game, though. The strategy guide is divided into three parts, each focusing on one specific aspect of Dan the Man’s storyline. The first part focuses on the relationship between Dan the Man and the owner of the dilapidated old house on the outskirts of town, Fenton.

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Throughout the course of the story mode, Dan the Man witnesses the misadventures of several of Fenton’s friends and family, as well as the geeks and nerds that he has to tolerate in his apartment. However, upon entering the home, the geeks and nerds are shocking to find that the man who lives in the house has been brutally murdered by a masked intruder. Upon further inspection, the ghost of the owner of the house arrives and realizes that Dan the Man was his beloved son. With this realization, the gossips and the narrative quickly shift to the current night, where Dan the Man stumbles out of the apartment in a daze after having been attacked by yet another masked intruder. While being transported to the police station, Dan the Man undergoes a transformation into a super-powered being, complete with increased strength, speed, and agility – which is how he meets up with the new girl in his life, Echo.

One of the most interesting things about Dan the Man is the way it blends in with the environment, as he moves from one location to another, fighting off the geezers and zombies along the way. However, when Dan the Man returns to his home, he’s changed back into Dan the Man – except for the fact that he’s also surrounded by a massive amount of spiders, who apparently came out of no where and are eating everyone in their path! This adds an interesting layer to the gameplay, as you must first acquire weapons and items to fight off the spiders. Along the way, Dan gets to learn more about himself and the history of his house and how he came to be in it in the first place. The narrative basically follows Dan the Man throughout his adventures, as he tries to save the people living in his neighborhood as well as prevent the villains from taking over.

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When playing through the single player campaign, you’ll be asked to choose a gender and class for Dan the Man – in-game voice samples indicate that he is male, while the game’s logo depicts him as a burly muscular male with dark hair. Although Dan the Man appears to have a unique appearance, this character model is actually an amalgamation of several different playable characters, all of whom are part of the resistance movement against the evil Geddon. As you battle through the stages, you’ll be able to unleash various attacks, as well as new weapons and items to use on your enemies – which is what sets Dan the Man apart from other first person shooter games.

Throughout the single-player campaign, you’ll encounter a series of increasingly difficult situations, as your goals become more clear – each requiring you to develop new weapons, new strategies and new ways of dealing with enemies and puzzles. The resistance movement is made up of six generic classes, each of which is played differently depending on where you are in the story. The standard classes include the Heavy Weapons Guy, the Explorer, theMedic, the Reconstructive Worker, the Specialist, and the Wizard. Each of these classes are tasked with protecting the base from waves of enemy invaders, who always seem to appear at your location after you’ve dispatched one of the other playable characters. Each of them also have several different skills that can be used to quickly dispatch of foes and lower your level, among other things.

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The final boss of the game, known as the Mad God, is not only one of the most difficult opponents to fight, but also one of the most difficult bosses to beat as well. Although Dan the Man may look like a weakling compared to the final boss, he is actually quite resourceful and quick on his feet. The fact that Dan the Man has a wand that causes confusion (known as the Magic Dart) makes it very difficult for enemies to pin down him long enough to reach the goal frame, allowing your team to easily eliminate all of the approaching enemies and win the level without much trouble. Overall, Dan the Man is an incredibly enjoyable game that will challenge even the most skillful gamers. If you’re looking for an amazing flash game that has a lot of quality content, this is the perfect game.

Dan the Man - download for free
Dan the Man - download for free