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Brick Blasters – The Six-Pack Edition Review

Brick Ball Blast is an interactive puzzle game in which you blow up bricks and shoot at them. There are different blocks in the game, and each time you advance to the next level, different balls and blocks interact with each other. Get rid of obstacles, earn extra points and save the cute little bears who are always appearing on all the different levels of the game. The game is available for free download from the official website and can be played for free too!

Brick Ball Blast

Brick Ball Blast features five episodes, each featuring a different set of obstacles to go through. The first episode involves a group of zombies approaching your position. To save your life, you need to blow up their eggs, which are hidden in a number of secret passages. This is a very challenging puzzle game with a challenging pattern of increasing difficulty.

The second episode involves a gang of terrorists who have planted deadly explosives near a government building. You have to sneak through a number of security checks and puzzles to reach the terrorist group and blow up their hideout. Your mission is to infiltrate the building, find the target and blow it up with a gas-filled bullet. This Android free bricks ball crusher game comes free with your Android devices.

The third episode of this brand new 3D balls vs bricks breaker puzzle game involves a couple of construction workers working over a construction site. You have to help them by providing the tools that they need and repairing a number of damaged works. As you progress, you will notice that the amount of damaged bricks on screen will decrease. Your job is to assist the workers in completing each task on the screen and helping them reach the finish line.

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The fourth episode involves an office space overrun by zombies. Your job is to clear the room and prevent the zombies from entering. Your objective is not to kill the zombies, but to prevent them from entering. You have a variety of tools at your disposal that can be used to accomplish this, including lever, puzzle and slide. This is the first brick ball blast game where you are allowed to use various types of instruments and power ups to accomplish your goals.

The fifth episode sees you in the center of a chaos spreading across the city. zombies are rampaging across the streets, and you must stop them before they wipe out any of the residents or you risk getting stuck and trapped inside the building. Your goal is to prevent any civilians from getting caught in the crossfire as well. You have a choice of using various brick destroying tools to accomplish this, including water, ice, spikes, and a large crusher. The game progresses in the manner that you dictate it; you can slow down time when you need to destroy a group of zombies, or speed up time when you need to get to safety.

The sixth and final episode involves a brand new twist on a puzzle game we’ve all played. In this game, a series of obstacles are thrown your way and must be cleared in order to move forward. Your objective is not to beat the zombies, but rather, clear the obstacles without failing. The new twist comes from the fact that there are smaller versions of the obstacles that will trigger different boomerangs and missiles upon contact.

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In addition to the six episodes, the first season has a number of exciting online contests, trivia games, and other special offers. Some of these include the ability to unlock a special avatar for use in all episodes, a chance to receive five gift cards, a chance to receive a free copy of the Block Party: Spillover Game in case you purchase the Physical version, and special “throwback” episodes that feature the original cast of the show. As well as these, the sixth season also includes the return of a number of your favorite attractions, including the Funhouse, Dump Truck, Jailhouse, Park Ranger, and the Egg Canyon. There really is no end to how much fun you can have with Brick Blasters, so if you’re not sure what it’s you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to check out the unique gaming experience that this interactive program provides.

Brick Ball Blast download for free
Brick Ball Blast download for free